Workshop made for the AiR program at Tare Steigen AiR and the public during for the project Heimatt (home).

Soil is the ground from where we arise and where we finally descend. This is the basis of our existence and livelihood. This is our home. It is also the home to billions of invisible co-creators that co-inhabit the land under out feet. What does the soil look like, feel like and smell like? How can we regain the lost connection to the soil?

We are rooted to the soil but unlike the plants we have invisible roots. What they look like and how do they connect to the ground? How are roots formed and adapted to different conditions? Is soil necessary for forming roots and creating a home? Can we learn from plants to adapt our roots to a more mobile world? In this workshop we will look at earth, compost, microbes, worms and roots of different kinds and make work connecting to this field.

Conversations and practical research based in my studio and farmstead in Røtnes, Engeløya. Tuesday the 21st June. 10-17





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