Rømmekolle_Revival_Hammerfest_E.BakkeslettHammerfest Library, Dansefestival Barents, 7th November 2015

How can we create human cultures of co-dependence and collaboration that works with nature instead of fighting it? Can the choreography of microbes provide a model for re-imagining sustainable and thriving human cultures and inspire new ways of collaborating to cope with the many challenges we are now facing in the world?

Inspired by bacterial cultures and the process of fermentation, I have been researching these questions through reviving the traditional, but rapidly vanishing, fermented milk culture rømmekolle that is deeply rooted in Nordic cultures. This fermented milk is made from a bacterial culture that originates from the plant Butterworth. The culture has been passed down through generations and generously shared amongst people till the 60-ies. In this pop-up café and talk I will give an insight into the fascinating rømmekolle culture and also give you a taster of how the choreography of bacteria can give humans other perspectives on life!

Rømmekolle tasting and culture sharing!

A special thanks to the wonderful farmer Benjamin Hykkerud that sent me 5 ltr of fresh milk by bus from the nearest farm in Alta, 100km away!

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