Vera Bronski with a jar of home picked lingon berries.


13th-31st of October 2015 with Clive Ardagh, Onward Productions

Our main aim for the residency was to research how people in the Arkhangelsk region practice self-sufficiency and re-generate traditional culture and knowledge in times where urbanisation and centralisation is dominating the Russian development. We were looking to find good examples of people who practice growing their own food, preserving the food through traditional methods like fermentation and finding ways of making a living and thriving from the land.

Thanks to The High North AiR Program and the Artist Cooperation in Arkhangelsk for giving us this opportunity, for Jasmina Bosniak for organising it, BarentsKult for funding it, Cornelius Stiefenhofer for good advice, Barents Secretariat in Arkhangelsk for extremely good help, the engaged Antonina Kulyasova in Tarasovskaya for generously sharing her time and space with us and the amazing Bronski family just North of Shenkursk for welcoming us so warmly into their extended home!

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