As part of the sharing platform Fermenting Feminism curated by Lauren Fournier (CA) for the Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology at the Medical Museon in Copenhagen, I performed the fermenting salon FITS – Facial Interspecies Transculturation Salon together with Hannah Mjølsnes.

In our pop-up salon we offered a variety of exclusive facial treatments with a story-steeped and old viili-culture originating in Finland, a dewdrop, sheep milk yoghurt from Bulgaria, a lost and found rømmekolle culture from arctic Norway, a nourishing 100 year old rye, mother, sourdough from Russia and an exclusive and truly transcultural yoghurt begotten in Romania, that emigrated to New York over a century ago.

In addition we offered a special tea serving with wild and wonderful, handpicked herbal teas made from  transformative weeds from the Nine herbs charm.

Whilst the skin was lusciously absorbing the intercultural juices we shared stories of bacterial and human transformation, shapeshifting and cultural diversity to inspire and expire untold, secret, suppressed, forgotten or unimagined futures.

A special thanks to Yipun Jiraporn for the illustrations.


Sip a thimble of intercultural kombucha whilst becoming permeated with shared and treasured, heirloom cultures and transformative herbal ferments.

The cells that make up our bodies are eukaryotic cells with a nucleus holding the DNA. Beneficial bacteria are prokaryotic cells with a free- floating nucleus. When a prokaryotic cell bumps into another, they share information instantly through permeable cell walls, like magic! When you ingest or permeate all this pre-digested knowledge, through eating or in other ways absorbing fermented food, some of these bacteria get to meet fellow bacteria and share information with them, which is then shared with our body and brain. Not only does it give our immune system a massive boost but surely expands our perception way beyond the limits of our human skin.

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