(press pic to play a short doumentation video from the event)

Fermenting the Change – a creative journey into microorganic intelligence is a series of art-based and multidisciplinary workshops where I, together with artist Leo Kay (UK), explore how bacterial cultures can increase our empathic understanding of nature’s interconnected existence. We create ¬†platforms where aesthetics, sound and movement expand the senses that allow for a deeper connection and understanding of the bacteria’s ways of working, communicating and solving challenges. Through a ritualized and aesthetic process, the 3-day workshop provides insight into the need for a diversity of cultures where the untamed, wild and unusual creates the essence of robust societies at both micro and macro levels. The first of a series of workshop was at the Museum of Impossible Forms in Helsinki, directed by Professor Salla Sariola in the project “Cultures of cultures – A Multi Species Understanding of Health.”

Thanks to wonderful Mark Drifter who managed the sound recordings during the 3 day workshop.Film and still images: Alina Egorova and Eva Bakkeslett

Documentation video edit: Onwards Productions







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