Mo Ahoo  – Becoming Seweed at the Summer Exhibition at Tare Galleri, Steigen

A collection of fermented textiles and prints with seweed and soundworks

Participating artists ; Stein Koksvik, Helle Kaarem, Eva Bakkeslett, Rina Charlott Lindgren, Thomas Falstad, Suvi Nieminen, Caroline Kierulf, Annette Kierulf.



Recycled sheets from a retirement home, bathed in alternate alkaline and protein baths.

Rolled into tight bundles with seaweed and twine with some found bits of rusty iron bars, aluminium or copper, here and there. Sown onto willow sticks.


once imprinted by

wrinkled skin

Residue of dreams,

now impressed by underwater bodies

Patterns from other worlds

Enrolled and etched

Fused and unravelled










Aahoo – Hoho

Soundscape of seacape with recorded sounds from Hysværet

Including eider ducks, oystercatchers, common snipes, curlews and seagulls.

And a traditional down harp and an interior well

for rain water collection.

Sound technician: Nathanaël Gustin



Gel-prints portraits of kelp and seaweed on hand made Japanese washi paper.

Printed with handmade ink made from seaweed ash, nori rice paste and gin.



This collection of artefacts have all come about from my artist-in-residency stay on Hysvær, organised by Kunstslipp and Randsone Vega.


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