10.Creating transformation

Science and research fair (Forskningstorget), Tromsø, Norway 2009

In collaboration with PLAN project at the University of Oslo.

Transformations looked at how we can redefine the meaning of sustainability and adaptation. Together with the public we explored and visualized how people understand these terms and how they can be reinterpreted. The overall questions were How can we adapt to climate change in a sustainable manner? and How can we find new and creative ways to look at key issues such as food, energy and the use of resources?

Transformations consisted of a Lavvu (Sami tepee) with the invitation: “Everything you always wanted to know about climate change but never had the chance to ask.” Here the general public and pupils from local schools had conversation with climate scientists where they could ask questions and engage in conversations while keeping warm in front of the fire. Inside the hall we invited the public to participate in painting a large canvas to explore the meaning of adaptation and sustainability. The paining was later exhibited at Tromsø Public Library together with relevant literature. You can download the resource guide for working with children and climate here (in Norwegian only): Ressursider om miljø og klima for barn og unge.

Gutta på Skauen, a very inspirational initiative by OAPs in Tromsø, helped us erect the Lavvu. I was extremely glad as it was huge and quite an undertaking!

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