The aim of Transformation was to bring together diverse perspectives on transformation in a changing climate, and to generate cutting-edge discussions on deliberate, ethical and sustainable transformation in response to the complex global challenges associated with climate change. It gathered a broad range of perspectives from science, governments, businesses, civil society, the humanities and arts on climate change discussing the challenges humanity is confronted with and what personal, cultural, institutional, and systems transformations are called for towards a sustainable, resilient and equitable future.

The arts was integrated into the conference with works and presentations by Amy BalkinTone Bjordam  and Future Farmers. I curated the arts for the conference and co-organised the conference and catalogue together with Department of Sociology and Human Geography at Oslo University, CICERO (Centre for International Climate and Environmental Research) and Stockholm Resilience Centre. I also did a baking happening: New Agrarian Mythology, together with Amy Balkin & Future Farmers in their Flatbread Society Bakehouse Bjørvika with people from the conference.


Transformation logo final

Transformation in a changing climate was an international conference in Oslo, Norway on the 19th -21st June 2013.

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