Forskningstorget 2011 for web-9Science and research fair (Forskningstorget), Oslo, September 2011

In collaboration with the PLAN project, University in Oslo

“To communicate climate-change is a matter of transforming our very thinking to change our actions.”An interdisciplinary project researching the potentials and limits of adaptation as a response to climate change.

We engaged the audience by inviting them to make their own pedal-driven smoothies whilst reflecting on how we can create more sustainable energy consumption. The Oslo Reef – a croched coral reef that was initiated and made during my project Gentle Actions in 2010, was shown alongside scientific research. Green footprints with facts about climate change led the way to the exhibition stand and multicoloured handprints with ideas to sustainable solutions were collected from the participating public and displayed on the stand.

Other posters for the stand to download:

Plan 1 siste revisjon Plan 2 siste revisjon Plan 3 siste revisjon Plan 4 siste revisjon Plan intro siste revisjon Plan 6 siste revisjon Plan 5 siste revisjon



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