Ritualized Days, Peepholecinema, Curated by Sarah Klein, San Francisco, US

280 Orange Alley, San Francisco (Off 26th Street near Valencia Street), January 27  –March 21, 2020

Participating artists: Eva Bakkeslett (NO), Alyssa Block (US), Tess Martin (NL), Yaloo (KR)

“When it seems the world is spinning out of control politically, socially and environmentally, one might look to keeping a regular constitutional to square meaning and perspective. These routines, whether from personal habits or the outside world, can be a path towards transcendence. These four works witness and reflect on our rituals in the form of breath, exercise, our relationship to the sun and shadow dances.”

I am participating with an extract from my film Breath the poetic journey of the air that surrounds and flows through us constantly. We breathe the force of life through our bodies, air that has touched other creatures, traveled over continents, imbibed birds and animals, leaves and bark, earth and ocean. Every creature transforms the air and adds some of its own entity in the mixture before it goes on. Inhalation and exhalation is thus the essence of life.


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