Breath is a film about the poetic journey of the air that surrounds us and flows through us constantly. We breathe the force of life through our bodies. Air that has touched other creatures, traveled over continents, imbibed birds and animals, leaves and bark, earth and ocean. Every creature transforms the air and adds some of its own entity in the mixture before it goes on. Inhalation and exhalation is thus the essence of life.

Breath reveals the invisible mystery that forms the essence of life – that which binds people, animals, plants, soil and air into an inseparable network. The film is a form of travelogue that materialises the unseen through visual and sensual connections. The breath itself is the tour guide leading the way – invisible but present, moving and reshaping, rhythmic and regular, a part of you but only for a fleeting moment before it enters another human, an animal, a plant or transforms itself into a cloud.

This film has been made with the kind support of:

Nordnorsk Filmsenter/North Norwegian Film Centre

Commissioning editor Jesper Bergom-Larsson

Norsk kulturråd/Fond for lyd og bilde

Norwegian Arts Council

Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond/Norwegian Visual Artists Remuneration Fund


Director and Producer – Eva Bakkeslett

Co-producer and Camera – Clive Ardagh, Onward Productions

Editor – Martin Cooper

Online Editor – Mike Dziennik

Dubbing mixer – Tim Wheeler

Soundmix – Nathanaël Gustin

Thanks to the following for sharing their voices in this film:

Leading voice – David Abram

Additional voices – Stephan Harding, Sudhir Tiwari, Fritjof Capra, Vandana Shiva, Isabella Lövin