Reclaiming the word: ECONOMY
Embroidery on linen

Dynamic imagination must rediscover the hidden power in worn-out words”  Gaston Bachelard

Many words have transformed over time and their original meaning have changed and sometimes been subverted. The original purpose of the word lies buried behind layers of new meaning. Reclaiming words can release their hidden potential and help us rediscover connections that we have lost out of sight.

Revolution still


HD Video 8 mins
Sigrid Bredal learnt to spin as a little girl, sitting for hours on her mother’s lap during dusky winter days. As her pedalling foot turns the wheel her hands pull and feed the fleece and spins it into yarn. The rhythm, movements, smells, materials, skills and stories also get spun into the substantial thread of experiential knowledge, embodied all the way to her fingertips.The making of crafts becomes a paradox in our times when short term solutions and financial gain often is prioritised over long term perspectives. To spin fleece into yarn is therefore a revolutionary act in the true sense of the word. An alchemical process turning simple fleece into valuable gold in a timeless space where rhythm creates tranquillity, where the slowness and the presence set the conditions and where the material properties wordlessly are retrieved and transformed by experienced hands. Spinning is sensory process of wordless knowledge that can only be learned through patient practice and experience. A truly gentle revolution.


Risk, 3rd International Visual Art Festival, 

Patras, Hellas, 8th November – 28th December 2014
Curator:  Thale Fastvold


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