Art of Adaptation

Performance with Eva Bakkeslett (reading) & Johan Anders Bær (joik)

Art of Adaptation, Fritjof Nansen Institute, Oslo, 2008


To what extent is the researcher a part of his or her research, and the research part of the researcher? asks sami joiker and activist Ande Somby. To what extent are humans parts of nature og nature part of us?

“When I first met joik,

I mean the very moment I realized with my body and soul what joik really is,

I started sensing the coming to knowing from another perspective.

I became aware of a different way to perceive the world.

I understood the difference between being separate from nature and that of being inseparable – a part of – to be connected.

Joik is not about – it IS.

An amplification of relationships.

A direct connection with no beginnings or ends.

A circular conversation…

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