Kitchen Table Activism

Posted on Apr 19, 2015 in Latest News

Workshop at Barents Bird Festival the 18th April with Nelli Makeeva and Eva Bakkeslett

Have you ever thought about how the bacteria were the first to inhabit this earth with life? Despite being invisible they are an essential part of our human lives as we inhabit more bacterial cells than human cells in our bodies. We have nevertheless come to despise and neglect these very creative and artistic creatures. In this workshop you will have the pleasure of befriending your microbes and learning how they can become your creative collaborators. You will also learn to bake proper Borodinsky bread with a very old bacterial culture from the heart of Mother Russia and make delicious kefir with origins from Caukasus. And while the bread rises we will watch the film “The Magic Tablecloth” made by the artist Eva Bakkeslett in Nikel and meet the main character of the film Nelli Makeeva. A truly cross cultural workshop where Norwegian, Russian and bacterial cultures meet and mingle.





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