Radical Radishes is an installation with 60 radishes made in collaboration between the radish plant, the microorganisms and myself. The radishes have been left in the soil throughout the winter and the contents have been consumed and perforated by microorganisms. Only the dried fiber skeletons remain and reveal what appear to be delicate lace fabrics. Former life in petrified forms. Turned upside down, the shapes attain new content and prospects. They become radical, their roots stretching towards the skies.

The radishes are radical in more than one way. The word radical means relating to, or proceeding from a root, as well as favouring extreme changes in existing views, habits, conditions, or institutions. The installation also includes a handwritten poster with a definition of the word radical.

The radishes are illuminated with 20W LED lights that create large shadow-drawings on the walls.

Photos from the exhibition Jordvendt at Fredrikstad kunstforening with Anna Widén, Toril Rygh og Gry Hege Johansen.

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