VIILI is an ongoing cultural and aesthetic research project that I started at The Halikonlahti Green Art Trilogy, Salo Artmuseum, Finland in 2011.

This project manifested as a visual mapping of viili, a fermented milk-culture that has deep roots and a long history in Finland. Viili is a household name for slimy yoghurt that used to be common in every Finnish household with local, living, bacterial cultures handed down through generations. Now people buy their viili in the shop and very few people know how to make it any longer. My intention with this project was to gather viili stories and pictures and cultivate and share viili to revitalize tit as a living culture. All the gatherings were displayed at the Salo Artmuseum for the duration of the show and are also documented on my viili blog.  This is an ongoing and collective project so contributions from the public are welcome in form of stories, pictures or anything else of relevance about viili. Please feel free to contribute by sending me a mail and share your viili story.


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