Pixelache Festival, Helsinki, Finland, 7 – 12 June 2021

Can enchantment happen in the kitchen?

Aerobe Conversations – Home Cultured Stories is a collection of intimate dialogues between bacterial cultures and people in their home environment. Packets of selected, hairloom, microbial cultures are sent by post to the human participants with poetic manuals, inviting them to partake in the caring for and nurturing of these cultures. By dwelling, conversing and fermenting together humans and microbes alike will establish intimate relationships with each other. Throughout the process, the artists will send gentle reminders of care and inspiration to evoke moments of hesitation to support a space of mutual generosity. Stories and reflections from this exchange will be gathered and shared with a larger audience, mediated through the artists and communicated online and through the Pixelache Radio Broadcast during the festival.

With Senses of sustenance: Alan Bulfin, Pii Anttila and Raine Aiava


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