IMG_2391“Look what I’ve made!”, Summercamp, Ålesund Council, Norway, August 2011

 Summer camp organized by actress and cultural initiator Inger Bakke for Ålesund Council.

This workshop was set on a farm in the beautiful mountain village of Skodje. 15 children between 8 and 16 camped on the farm for a week and took part in the workshops given by two theatre instructors and myself. We mainly focused on giving the children new and challenging experiences in the natural environment emphasising the feeling of wonder and discovery in the process. We focused on curiosity, balance and developing  sensitivity and a close relationship with the place and the materials we found in the woods and along the river. It resulted in a journey including acrobatics, balancing acts, majestic stone towers and delicate sculptures in the river as well as an extensive vocabulary of experiences throughout the process.


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