SD Video, 20 min – English dialogue

Bee is a film that melts attraction into succulent honey. It gently reveals the secret life of bees by showing how nature combines minimal effort with maximum grace. Through sensitive and artistic eyes the film gives us a taste of the magic and elegant balance of the bee community, and reminds us that attraction is an organising force of the universe.   When 80% of our bee-population is disappearing, what could be more poignant than to pay attention to the lessons they can teach humanity!

Bee combines elements of art films and the nature documentary format to explore the poetics of bees and beekeeping. The film features the late Brian Goodwin, former Professor of Biology at Schumacher College, Devon, UK, and author of several books on holistic science. He shares his knowledge, passion and insight of the interface between nature and culture and the subtle workings of the natural world unrecognised by modern science. We also meet the experienced beekeeper Glyn Davies from Ashburton, UK, who generously shares his knowledge from 40 years of bee-keeping.